Special Topics in Literary Magazines

This edition of Toyon has Environmental Justice as a special topic. However, not all of the pieces within the journal are related to Environmental Justice. Upon doing a little bit of research on how literary magazines approach special topics and themes, I learned that this is not the norm. I had trouble even finding one other journal… Continue reading Special Topics in Literary Magazines

Considerations During Production

Printing and production are a means of controlling the perception of a magazine. In the essay “The Letterpress in the Mimeo Revolution," Kyle Schlesinger provides examples of different forms of magazines and how they reflect the work within them. For example, he discusses the ‘Semina no. 1’ was produced using several different paper types, fonts,… Continue reading Considerations During Production

Looking Back on Previous Volumes

Toyon has been in production since 1954. This spring will see the distribution of the 63rd edition of our  Little Magazine. The university library hosts all 62 editions in the Humboldt Room, which serves as an archive for thousands of documents related to Humboldt County and the university. This week, the Toyon staff spent time… Continue reading Looking Back on Previous Volumes

Romanian Ie: Making friends in the strangest places

During my time in Romania, I was surprised by how many women in Bucharest did not believe I was American. I'm a short and stocky woman and at the time my hair was black and cropped short. Being from California where no one looks like the person next to them, I never thought about places… Continue reading Romanian Ie: Making friends in the strangest places