A Photo Blog of Berlin

Berlin is one of my favorite cities, one that I’d desperately like to revisit. Today marks one year since I’ve left this beautiful city and I couldn’t help but flip through my pictures and reminisce.

Humboldt Universitaet
When visiting Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, I couldn’t help but bring my Humboldt State University pennant.
Humboldt Universitaet
Humboldt Universitaet
Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate
Flags waving atop the Reichstag.
I was overwhelmingly happy to see that this tree was not torn out to build the walking path. Tiergarten, Berlin
St. Hedwig's Cathedral
Wreaths commemorating the Armenian Genocide of 1915 outside St Hedwig’s Cathedral.
Berliner Dom
View of the Berliner Dom from behind the Deutches Historisches Museum on a beautifully stormy day.
Alexander von Humboldt
Can you tell that I was excited to represent my University? This photo still hangs in Siemen’s Hall at HSU a year later!

All photos taken on an iPhone 6.


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