Considerations During Production

Printing and production are a means of controlling the perception of a magazine. In the essay “The Letterpress in the Mimeo Revolution,” Kyle Schlesinger provides examples of different forms of magazines and how they reflect the work within them. For example, he discusses the ‘Semina no. 1’ was produced using several different paper types, fonts, and in colors which was conducive to the chaos of the content within.

Presentation is an important aspect to consider during this production season of  Toyon. Much of the work selected for the 63rd edition features environmental and social justice themes. Knowing this, we should attempt to create a sustainable magazine with clean design. With such environmentally progressive content, nothing about the production process should be wasteful. We also need to consider the serious tone within the works when thinking about fonts and layout. It would not accurately reflect the selected pieces to have a whimsical aura throughout the magazine. The production should reflect the content.

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