Meet Sydney Hubbel

Hello, my name is Sydney Hubbel. I am a book designer, editor, portrait artist, environmentalist, and strong advocate for the Oxford comma. I received a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing Practices from California Polytechnic Humboldt in 2018. I am an alumna of Toyon Multilingual Journal of Art and Literature. I am currently working toward a Master of Letters (MLitt) in Ethnology and Folklore through the University of Aberdeen.



I was an editor of Toyon Multilingual Journal of Art and Literature from 2016 through 2018. Throughout my two years with Toyon, I acted as a Literary Criticism Editor, the Typesetter and Production Team Lead, and the Assistant Managing Editor. Though I have held positions across the board, my favorite role has been that of Typesetter. It is through this role that I found my passion for book design as I designed and set the interior and cover of Volume 64 of the journal and subsequent marketing materials. I am versed in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and the Chicago Manual of Style

Beyond my editorial experience, I also have a rich background of office and administrative experience.  Throughout three years in the Student Coordinator position for the University’s New Student Programs office, I organized and facilitated campus-wide events, trained and managed staff, designed online courses for incoming students, and conducted a meta-analysis of student development models. I used this research to create programs that were accessible to all students regardless of identity or background. Being in a position that promoted access to learning has encouraged me to continue working with media that impacts developing minds and has the opportunity to create social change.

Environmental Initiatives

Through my role in the Humboldt State University New Student Programs office, I started an initiative to create a Zero Waste Orientation model. As a part of this initiative, I built a partnership with the university’s Waste Reduction Resource Awareness Program and the New Student Programs office. Within six months, we built and implemented a Zero Waste Orientation Week that has been in place since 2016. That same year, I cut our paper output by 70% and started the path to a completely paperless orientation that will be implemented by 2019.

In 2017, within my role as Typesetter with Toyon, I created a tradition of including a Sustainability Statement on the back of our journal. The mission of the statement was to normalize the discussion and practice of sustainable business practices by including information on the impact of the materials used for the journal in the design. Toyon had already been maintaining sustainable business practices through responsibly sourced materials as part of their own mission for environmental justice. However, the Sustainability Statement allows the conversation to open up to those outside of the Toyon staff.